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Software License Optimization

License Monitoring and Compliance

Software Usage Analysis and Cost Control

Software License Optimization

For some organizations, use of Engineering Software is as essential as the manpower itself. Engineering Software are expensive therefore it becomes even more important for IT Managers or Department/Business Unit Heads to have complete visibility of usage of each license. This can help in optimization of licenses, reducing spending on software and making project delivery smooth and profitable.

An “Idle License” is “Waste of License”. Idling of license can be during lunch break, coffee breaks, client meetings, internal discussions, emails, news reading, net surfing, social media and all the distractions available on internet. Different studies show different amount of time spent on these activities. Some studies show that total time spent on these activities can be as high as 50% of the business day for some people. This leaves scope for lot of savings for the organizations.

Begin your journey of License Optimization with some simple steps;

  • Restrict usage to 80% of Owned Licenses and gradually increase the number.
  • Identify designers working on a Project or billable activity.
  • Portfolio Balance Underutilised Licenses
  • Utilise ‘Trial Licenses’ for evaluation purpose.
  • Managers may use free “Viewing” software for design review, mark up etc.
  • Consider setting up kiosks for rarely used applications by large no. of users.

Software License Compliance

Every Organization uses multiple Software Licenses and different software companies have different licensing policies. Some companies count merely installation of software as usage of software. That means if the software is installed on 10 computers, the usage will be count as 10 even if the client is using only 5 licenses. For some companies, the installation of software doesn’t matter. The client can install the software on as many computers as he wants but the usage at any given time shouldn’t be more than the contract quantity or licenses owned.

It is very common for people to try ‘new software’ given by a friend. But if this software is not ‘free software’ or ‘licensed software’, the installation of this software will cause potential license violation and can bring lot of trouble to the organization. No organization would like to run their business in problems because of the casual attitude of some of their employees.

Some fare questions that an organization should ask their IT personnel are;

  • Are you aware of licensing policy of all software vendors?
  • Are you aware of all licenses installed on each computer?
  • Are we in compliance with licensing of each software company?
  • Are we ready for BSA Compliance Audit?

If the answer to any of the above is ‘NO’, it’s time to take some corrective measures before it’s too late.